Alien: Isolation E3 demo - I worked on environment polish, lighting, shading and materials

The below shots are from the DLC map "Reoperation" which I was solely responsible for taking from designer blockout through to final art (excluding some of the lighting and most of the VFX). You can see a youtube playthrough of the level here

Below are some examples of the matte paintings I was involved in creating, used in cutscenes and ingame (window views). I was responsible for part of the modelling, all of the composition, lighting, lookdev and rendering (VRay) before they were handed off to concept art for final paintover; I was also responsible for developing the ingame rendering implementation in collaboration with a rendering programmer. I was responsible for final implementation of all matte paintings in the game.

I also wrote an article for the Vertex3 eBook (via artbypapercut) covering the matte painting work I did on Alien:Isolation in collaboration with Tomasz Stachowiak. You can download it here

I also did a bunch of work on A:I's cutscenes including environment creation, cameras and scripting, lighting and postprocessing setup, video capture and encoding.

These are some examples of the tiling materials that were used on the environments - I was responsible the global library of tiling materials which was used by the environment team, maintaining (including conversion to PBR) and expanding it. These tiling materials were used on the vast majority of environment geometry in the game.

Substance Centre is a front-end hub for the Substance Designer-centric texture creation pipeline for Halo Wars 2, written in C#. It acts as both an asset management system by handling Perforce operations, dependency tracking and data validation for each texture asset but also acts as a front-end for Substance's batch processing tools - allowing artists to quickly iterate on large numbers of textures aswell as rapidly create new texture assets.

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